Friday, November 30, 2012

god help us all..... dammit.

It's here. The moment I knew would come, the day I secretly dread, yet am never quite prepared for.....

God help us all. 

Take cover. Run for the hills. Save the children. Batten down the hatches. SAVE YOURSELVES! Because there's nothing quite like a sick man....

Jack is a mover. And a talker. And a social being. So the fact that he's been sleeping and sick with no energy for going on 5 days has not done much for his disposition.

This is what we've become:

Me: Can I get you anything? Soup? Crackers?

Jack: You know what sounds good? Some of that damn jello in the fridge...

Me: Ok. 1 damn jello or 2? And would you like some damn coke to go with your damn jello?

Jack: That sounds damn good! Thank you, dammit.

....and this is what we do.

What's wrong with him? Both ears are badly infected (a feat I didn't think possible for an adult! This sounds like the diagnosis for my 2 year old nephew, not a grown man). And since he still has his wisdom teeth, his throat & neck are just a giant mess of red, angry, badness. And everything hurts.... hot, cold, room temperature, soft, hard -- doesn't matter. It all hurts.

The only thing that has helped this:
1 cup hot water (hot hot)
1 T honey
1 T apple cider vinegar
1 T lemon juice

Mix and get it down his throat one way or another.
But make no mistake.... a sick man is a sneaky man. Do not walk away before you watch him finish it completely... I learned that one the hard way.

Feel better already. Dammit.

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