Tuesday, November 20, 2012

how to fix your towels...

So, I've told you how to clean your microwave for real, I've told you how NOT to clean your oven, but now I'm going to tell you the best cleaning tip I've found on Pinterest so far....


Let's start out by saying this......Jack and I view certain things differently. He's a man. Men do things like..... never change out their shower towel. Ever. If I went out of town for a month, I would come home and find the same towel hanging on the shower bar (if it hadn't gotten up and walked away already).

Men also do things like.... clean up spilled beer on the dirty floor with a good bathroom towel that you will in the future use to dry your face. We have what we call "dog towels" for this. Lots of dog towels. And though they're used for everything from drying wet dogs, to wiping up spills, to wiping your feet when coming in the house, they ALWAYS smell somewhat like dog. Ew.

The dog towels, the kitchen dish towels, and the shower towels all end up having their own smell, and it's not always a good one. And then I found this on Pinterest: "How to Remove Mildew Smell from Towels" (which really should read "How to make your towels no longer smell like dog, beer, mildew, or just general skankyness"). Best. Tip. Ever.
My washer & dryer. They're red - that makes me happy.
And it's so simple.... Just throw the skanky offending towels in the washing machine with 2 cups of white vinegar (no detergent), and run on the HOTTEST water setting you have. (This makes me so thankful we have the "sanitary" setting on our washer.) When that's done, run the same towels through another cycle, this time with detergent (also on the hottest water setting). Then dry as usual.


Even if you think your towels smell fine, do this immediately!
Then thank me...
You're welcome.


  1. Mine ALL smell like mildew, even the good new ones :( Will definitely have to try this! Question-- do you have to do this every time you wash to keep the mildew away, or is it just a periodic maintenance thing?

  2. I would just do it as needed. It ends up taking a while to do since you have to run the same batch twice, so I don't do it every time.