Sunday, September 2, 2012

My first failure...

....well, certainly not my first failure EVER (that's for damn sure), but more precisely, my first Pinterest failure.

I knew this day would come...eventually.

Don't get me wrong, I adore Pinterest. So many ideas & projects that it makes me feel like I could be Martha Stewart, but better...and without the jail time. But the whole reason I started writing in the first place was to sort through as many of the tips, ideas & projects as I could and let you know what's awesome, and what's not so much.

See! I do the work for you. You're welcome.

So I knew it would happen -- not everything can work as brilliantly (or easily) as people claim, and I just found one.


Dirty oven door & glass? Me too! See....

Never noticed it before, but EW...
Now I'm fairly certain that it was like this when we moved in 4 years ago. I don't recall anything exploding in my oven, I usually keep a pan on the lower shelf to catch anything because I can't stand that crumbs-on-the-bottom-burning smell. Makes me nuts. However, my oven still looks like I've been deep-frying turkeys in it and never bothered cleaning it once.

So I found a post* about how incredibly easy it is to clean. Sweet. Count me in!

Essentially you take 1/4 C baking soda in a bowl, add just enough water to make it a paste. Rub the paste onto the inside of your oven, let site for about 30 minutes, wipe it off, and you instantly blinded it's shiny sparkliness (so wear sunglasses).

goopy paste
I did all of the above..... except the last part. I not only wiped, but scrubbed! Not one tiny bit of difference. I mean, not only did I not get sparkles, but I couldn't tell ANY difference from an hour ago. None.
Yup. Still gross. And not even a little bit sparkly.
So after swearing for a bit, then double checking the box to make sure I used baking SODA instead of baking powder (or some other equally brilliant mistake), I began reading the comments. Most said "great idea! can't wait to try it!" but no where did I see "Worked like a charm!" I did see one recommendation to substitute vinegar for the water as it cleans better.

At this point, I want my damn oven clean! I've never even thought twice about it before...but now, you made me see what it could be, and how gross it actually is, and I WANT IT!

So being the stubborn ass I am, and not wanting to give up without trying everything possible, I decided to give it one last try with baking soda & vinegar (instead of water). I poured the vinegar on the baking soda creating my own little 6th grade science project volcano, then pasted it on my oven, waited 45 minutes, and scrubbed it off. This worked a TINY bit better because I could see the baking soda turning brown as I was scrubbing it off, but all in all, I'm not trying to even remotely imply success, because it's still quite gross.

This doesn't really do the grossness justice...
So between the just plain not working, and of course the pain-in-the-ass factor of the whole process (do you know how hard it is to clean all that baking soda off the oven without being able to really just hose it?).... I would most definitely say that this is my first official Pinterest FAILURE.

I guess now I'm off to try to figure out the proper way to clean an oven because this is just going to drive me nuts now that I know....

*I usually try to credit people by providing links when I'm referencing posts and ideas that are not mine. However, I didn't here because I wasn't entirely sure how the original creator would feel about their post being called out as a flop. So, there you have it. No need to know who to hold responsible, just know next time someone makes this cleaning claim, it's just not gonna happen....

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