Sunday, August 12, 2012

for the sake of research...

So, first things first.... my name is Stephanie, and I am a Pinterest junkie. I have a problem. I admit it.

So many ideas, recipes, crafts, tips, instructions, quotes.... you name it! But my problem is, how do you know if any of them are good? I can post a recipe to Pinterest for chocolate pie using dirt from my garden (and other questionable brown ingredients), but simply pinning it doesn't make it edible.

So I have to test my favorites.
Or the ones that make me call bullshit.
Well, and let's be honest, everything in between too...

A few weeks ago, I stumbled on these "Vick's Vapor shower discs" from an awesome blog Frugal by Choice, Cheap by Necessity. I am addicted to anything around the house that will save money, stretch things farther and I'm intrigued by al the things you can do yourself -- and this blog is awesome. And hilarious. Again, I have a problem.... I know.

Smells WAY better than they look....
Anyway.... so the thought of ordering essential oils and making EVERYTHING I own smell like a spa seemed like the most brilliant idea ever! So after buying out half of Amazon, and waiting most impatiently for a week (patience is not one of my strongest suits), they finally arrived and I decided to try them. They were easy, smelled great.... but they don't look so great. (In all fairness, this is mostly my fault since I was being cheap and separated the paper cupcake liner from the foil liner -- 2 liners for 1 disc?!? Crazy talk!!) The foil ones look good. Paper, not so much.

But here's the problem... I jumped the gun! I have no idea if they're "crumbly" (apparently a common problem among the reader/reviewers), or if they're too big (should I have used the smaller muffin tin?) because it's AUGUST, and no one is taking steaming hot showers and battling stuffy noses and colds!

So I ask you.... is it wrong to put extra pepper in Jack's food (Jack = the boyfriend, handy man, and fellow DIY junkie)? Or encourage the cats to sleep on his pillow just to get some kind of sneeze out of him so I can test my newest experiment? It's in the name of research, right?

I guess this one will have to be open-ended until someone sneezes.....

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