Sunday, August 12, 2012

FORMERLY bread impaired...

I consider myself a decent cook (my family is Greek, so I'm fairly sure there's feta and olive oil in my veins). But no matter how hard I try, there are certain things I CANNOT make. Call it a mental block. Call it lacking in skill. Whatever. Can't do it. For example...

Rice is evil. I don't eat a lot of rice, simply because I am rice impaired. Don't bother telling me your secrets for the perfect way to cook rice, because I've tried them all. I'm sure they're fine and good, but I have a mental block against rice, and will always manage to f*** it up no matter how easy it should be.

I love cookies. But I don't care what kind of pre-made-dummy-proof cookie dough I buy, when I take them out of the oven, they will either be raw or brown and hard as a rock. Now, don't think this gets in the way of me eating cookies, because I like them super gooey anyway. I live on the edge. Screw you salmonella...

Bread..... until now.
I've lost count of all the bread products I've screwed up over the years. Other than my semi-decent focaccia last year, they've all been inedible hockey pucks of doom. And before you ask -- no, I don't have a bread maker. Nor do I have a $500 stand mixer with a bread paddle attachment. Puh-lease.... that lotto ticket hasn't hit yet. Not to mention, I prefer to learn to do things the old-fashioned way (aka masochist). I live in Atlanta where southern women have been baking bread for generations without any help from these expensive toys.... so why can't I?

Well, thanks to this recent post I found from "Frugal Living NW".... I can.

BAM -- I have made BREAD!!!

I MADE BREAD!!! (and this is the picture that got emailed and text to everyone I know)

And not only is it the most beautiful thing you've EVER seen, but it tastes like wonderful fresh french bread! It's wonderful for sandwiches (BLT with tomatoes from the garden -- slap yo' momma good!). The only thing I regret is not thinking of using it for French Toast before we finished it off.

Anyway, follow the recipe exactly as it's written, though be warned, it makes A LOT! And since we're only 2 here, we ended up giving some away as it will only stay good on the counter about a week. I might try freezing some next time.... or cutting the recipe in half and seeing how that works out. Either way, I'll be making it again....and again...and again....

My Tips & Changes:
• When you wrap it in a dish towel, make sure it's THOROUGHLY floured. If you don't put enough, it will stick when you try to "flop" it into the pot
• I don't have a cast iron dutch oven (YET).... but I do have a large pot that has metal handles & lid (don't try to use one with plastic or it'll melt) that worked perfectly.
• Again, like I said, next time I'm going to attempt a half recipe. I'll post the revised cooking times etc. (if it works).

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  1. Ok, now that Domi has tried this one too and has declared it actually doable, I definitely need to give it a go!!